Group Project: Investigating a Market

Having covered most of the fundamentals of the market mechanism, we are now ready to start applying your knowledge to real world contexts: a crucial skill in examinations.

You will work in a small group on a research project over the next few lessons, including study periods. Guidance and success criteria are included in the presentation below.

Investigating Price Volatility in Markets – Research Task

When presenting your research I want to see you being as creative as possible. Please avoid boring PowerPoint presentations that are prone to ‘copy and paste syndrome’. Use the vast range of brilliant resources available to you on your iPad or online, such as:

  • Adobe Voice
  • Explain Everything
  • Microsoft Sway
  • Adobe Slate
  • Tawe
  • VideoScribe (costs £2.99 but is BRILLIANT!)

Your projects must be submitted on Thursday 26th November.


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