Oligopoly Research Activity

Oligopoly Investigation

Choose an appropriate market to investigate and research the following aspects:

  • What is the concentration ratio of the industry?
  • Consider the nature of the competition in the industry – is there evidence of kinked demand curves, non-price competition, branding and so on?
  • Is there any evidence of collusion in the industry?
  • Is there a price leader in the market?
  • Is there evidence that abnormal profits exist in the industry?
  • What barriers to entry can you identify in the industry?
  • What evidence of interdependence exists in the industry?

Having collated the information above (some of which will be easier to find than others) present a short summary¬†about the industry you have investigated to be shared with the rest of the class. A one page ‘factsheet’ containing relevant links to news articles or videos would be ideal.


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