Past Papers

As your syllabus is new, there aren’t any past papers to work with. However, the previous syllabus is still very relevant and the questions in Unit 3 are well worth using. While the way you are assessed has changed a little, what you are assessed on hasn’t changed a great deal.

Please hand in any essays you write so I can mark them and give you feedback over the final weeks of th course.

Investigating Inequality: Project Brief

Your task over the next two weeks is to create a high quality blog about inequality and poverty.

This Project Brief sets out clearly what is expected. This Assessment rubric will give you further clarity about success criteria for your project.

Remember, part of the challenge of this work comes with managing your time and your team. The deadline is Weds 29th March.

Good luck!


Thank you for your fantastic work on this project. Your blogs are excellent and can be seen below. Please take some time to look at each other’s work.

Trade Unions and Wage Rates

An important and common focus for examinations, the role impact of TUs in different labour markets is a crucial topic to understand.

This brilliant series of videos from Tutor2U will give you key information about the concepts, lines of analysis and evaluative elements you’ll need to address questions on this topic.


To what extent is it inevitable that trade union activity will lead to higher wages but lower employment? (25 marks)

Due Friday 3rd March