If you haven’t already started, well…you know what you should be doing.

The nice people at Tutor2U have created a brilliant playlist of short videos which covers EVERY TOPIC you’ll need to know to for your exams this summer. Even better, they videos highlight key analysis and evaluation points for you.

You simply MUST use this resource. Don’t sit there just reading through your notes.

Instead, this is how I suggest you revise:

  1. Watch a video (and maybe then a second time, skipping sections as appropriate)
  2. Write down the key points from the video – max one side of A4 including diagrams
  3. Reduce your notes down to fit on a revision card
  4. Reduce your notes down to fit on a post-it note
  5. Find a past paper question on the topic and answer it (or create a plan)
  6. Get some feedback from your teacher.



Trade Unions and Wage Rates

An important and common focus for examinations, the role impact of TUs in different labour markets is a crucial topic to understand.

This brilliant series of videos from Tutor2U will give you key information about the concepts, lines of analysis and evaluative elements you’ll need to address questions on this topic.


To what extent is it inevitable that trade union activity will lead to higher wages but lower employment? (25 marks)

Due Friday 3rd March


Assessment & Homework: Price Discrimination

This is a two part assessment. 

Please complete  the 25 mark essay for homework (to be handed in Weds 21st Dec) and the 15 mark analysis question in your study period on Thurs 21st Dec. Please do this under a strict time limit of 20 mins.

1.‘On a typical train journey, there could be as many as twenty different fares being paid by passengers travelling between the same two stations.’  Using the concept of price discrimination to help you, explain how and why this might happen. (15 marks)

2.Is price discrimination always good for producers and bad for consumers? Justify your answer. (25 marks)

Privatisation: Good or Bad?

An important government intervention to understand and a sometimes controversial topic. You need to know the reasons for privatisation (and counter-arguments for nationalisation) and the short and long-term effects that it can create.

Lots of examples to draw on and use in essays can easily be found. Here are a few: