Homework: Time for a Sugar Tax?

Read the following article (and any others you can find) and answer the question below:


“Evaluate the case for the introduction of a sugar tax in the UK.” (20 marks)

Remember to structure your answer carefully and to evaluate thoughtfully using PEEEL/WEESTEPS

Due Thursday 11th Feb


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Y13 Homework: Price Discrimination

Please answer the following questions and submit your work in class on Friday 13th November.

  1. ‘On a typical train journey, there could be as many as twenty different fares being paid by passengers travelling between the same two stations.’  Using the concept of price discrimination to help you, explain how and why this might happen. (15 marks)
  2. Is price discrimination always good for producers and bad for consumers? Justify your answer. (25 marks)

If you need help, I’m happy for you to arrange some time with me. Let me know by email.

Kieran: a special question for you…

  • Explain the economic principles that underpin road pricing. [15]
  • Discuss the extent to which the proposed national system of road user charging announced in July 2005 might lead to a more efficient allocation of resources. [20]

Y12 Micro – Half Term Homework

Here is your homework for half term. This is an important assessment piece, so please give it your full attention. Work is to be submitted in the first lesson back.


Read Context 1, Extracts A and B in this exam paper.

Extract B (line 1) states that ‘In recent years, food prices have risen faster than incomes’. Explain two possible reasons, other than a change in income, for the rise in the price of food over the period shown. [10 marks]