Trade Unions and Wage Rates

An important and common focus for examinations, the role impact of TUs in different labour markets is a crucial topic to understand.

This brilliant series of videos from Tutor2U will give you key information about the concepts, lines of analysis and evaluative elements you’ll need to address questions on this topic.


To what extent is it inevitable that trade union activity will lead to higher wages but lower employment? (25 marks)

Due Friday 3rd March


Trades Unions: What do they do?

Take a look at these examples and try to summarise the key role and activities of trades unions in today’s economy:

How has the role of TUs changed, and what challenges do they face?

This video is an excellent overview of the context in which trades unions and employers now operate:

Monopsony Labour Markets

A key part of our syllabus relates to understanding the relationship between the competitiveness of labour markets and the impact this has on wage rates and levels of employment. It is also to important to understand the nature of the market in terms of the welfare of workers.

The junior doctors dispute is a good example of how unionised labour can seek to balance the relationship between large monopsony employers like the NHS and those who work in such markets.

How do you think the situation will be resolved?